Stair Treads

Stair Treads

Solid Hardwood Stair Treads:

Classic Millworks is capable of making hardwood stair treads in a variety of styles. Our common styles consist of straight, curved, triangular pie, and volute. The thickness of our treads range from 3/8 inch thick to as large as 3 inches. Our solid stair treads leave our facility sanded and ready for finish. If you have special requests for custom curved treads, we can work with you to create the templates or you can provide us with precise templates.

Engineered Stair Treads

Classic Millworks has innovated the industry by developing a method to convert engineered flooring into stair treads. This has simplified the entire process by having the same floor material used on the stair treads. This guarantees a perfect match, including color, scrape, distress and finish match.
The are several benefits to this process:

  • Reduces installation time by more than half
  • No need to hand scrape, color match, and apply finish
  • No harmful finishing fumes on project site
  • Environmentally friendly‚ less waste of hardwood
  • Can be installed and used the same day
  • Guarantees consistency though out the project
  • Easy to work with
  • Light weight